195,864 Trees Planted With Ecologi

Architectural Designs couldn't be prouder of our partnership with Ecologi, a mission-driven company whose purpose is to help the planet by reducing our carbon footprint. One way they address this global issue is through a tree planting subscription service which AD is now a part of.

As a company with direct ties to the home building industry where lumber is used in vast quantities, we felt it was a logical conclusion to team up with a company wanting to reforest our world. We have enrolled in Ecologi's subscription service on behalf of you, our valued customer. For every home plan purchase, Architectural Designs will purchase ten trees and with each garage, shed or pool house we will purchase five trees on your behalf.

As of Fall 2021, Ecologi planted over 25 million trees and offset 1.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The majority of trees planted across Madagascar, Mozambique, Nicaragua, the United States, Australia, the U.K., and Kenya has also created job opportunities for impoverished areas around the globe.

When asked about AD's new venture, Jon Davis, owner & CEO of Architectural Designs, stated, "We're so excited about our partnership with Ecologi. To know that our customers will be responsible for planting hundreds of thousands of trees while building their dream homes is a great pairing of mission with business."

Learn more about Ecologi's good works or become an individual subscriber by visiting their website at https://ecologi.com/