Y’all have been so easy to work with and I really appreciate the quick responses! I will definitely be sending all my clients to ADesign for house plans.

My wife and I are beginning to build our dream home.  We were blessed earlier this year when we found Architectural Designs.  We realized that similar, if not identical, plans were available on other sites yet we chose to go with Architectural Designs.  We had MANY modifications we desired and the designer has been the most amazing blessing to us.  He listened so well and accommodated all our requests.  While not an employee of Architectural Designs, I believe, he is such an asset to your firm and your process to help homeowners find, design & build their dream home. He should be recognized for his exceptional work. 

I really appreciate the quick turnaround! The home building process has been stressful so I really am grateful that you have lightened the ease and created a great experience for me with getting my official blueprints. 

Wow - it feels pretty good to see our house on the Architectural Designs website. It would be fantastic if Bill Romano Contracting could be referenced as the builder.I've submitted reviews to both BBB and Houzz because Architectural Designs really did deliver from the ease of use and inventory on the website, to speedy delivery of plans, to excellent customer service.
Thank you again! Along the build, we've met some great people. So glad we chose Architectural Designs.

We started our house plan search online several months before the right one popped up as a result of one of my searches on Architectural Designs website. We absolutely love our new home!!! We were interested in making some minor changes from what was shown on the plans. We were able to discuss these changes with our contractor and he was able to make these changes in the field, no architect or engineer needed. Great plans at a reasonable price!!!

Hi Deirdre, my wife and I can't express enough of how great and easy you have made this process. We haven't had customer service like you gave us for a long time. We're so glad we decided to do our business with you and your company. My granddaughter (age 4)and wife we're doing red white and blue art projects on 4th of July and I was so inspired that I joined in and painted an eagle in watercolor on canvas. As a small token of my appreciation, here is a digital copy for you hopefully to enjoy. You've inspired us to keep moving forward!

To answer your questions,  NO! We didn't make changes to the plan because it was perfect exactly as it was 😁

 The outside of the house is as close as we could get to the inspiration photo, including the color, dark green, and stone.

 My favorite part of the home, and reason for choosing the plans, was the access from the garage to the laundry room where we can drop our dirty yard work clothes,  enter through the master closet and into the master bedroom/bath and we won't track any dirt throughout the house. It is a dream layout for someone like me with OCD LOL 

 I'm excited to be able to share our absolutely gorgeous home and hope it inspires others to purchase the plans!


I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to you and your whole team on the great experience of modifying our forever home plan.  It has been an easy and friendly experience thanks to you all.  I'm happy to have chose Architectural Designs.  

Just finished buying plans from Architectural Designs and had a fabulous experience.  Anytime I had a question I was able to speak with a real person in a timely manner.  Shout out to Kitty at Architectural Designs! 

With all the bad news that fills our world on a daily basis, it was refreshing to have a such a pleasant experience with Architectural Designs. Any issue that I had from beginning to end in the process of buying blue prints for my families future home was flawless. This company went above and beyond to meet my needs as the customer. I would rate my experience a 10 out of 10 and would gladly recommend anyone wanting to build to outsource their needs to Architectural Designs. They are thorough, convenient, precise, and all around a pleasure working with. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Thanks Kitty! Thanks for all your assistance when picking out a plan. We love this house! 

 Thanks for answering questions and providing feedback. You were a big part of our process. :)

Our builder (Johnny Baker) was so proud when he saw y'all were putting pictures up on the website! 
We really have enjoyed the whole process! Your website is top notch, and super user friendly.  The Instagram account [@adhouseplans] is SO helpful as well with loads of pictures and information. I literally stalked it in the beginning! LOL. The client albums really helped us when doing our search for the perfect plan. 
When I purchased this plan at the time there was no client albums, so it was really hard for me to picture what it would look like finished. But we loved the floor plan and decided to go for it. So glad we did!! 
Thank you for being a huge part of our journey!! 

We purchased plan number 4122WM and could not be happier with it!  Architectural Designs was easy to order from and the plans were received promptly. AD was also quick to respond to questions and provided us with everything we needed to begin our home building journey. We are pleased with our new home and thankful to Architectural Designs for making it possible!

Accolades for Senior Customer Success Specialist, Patrick Conklin:

I wanted to ask if we should go through you or the website or if there is a way we can put your name somewhere so you get some incentive too since you helped us so very much with this!! You have been so kind and patient and we really really appreciate that.  Please let us know !! 

We would love to have pictures of our house posted on the website.  We will certainly be taking a lot of pictures!  The customer posted pictures really helped us in making our decision.  They are a big differentiator between Architectural Designs and other similar sites. 

Your website is one of the easiest to work with and we will undoubtedly be back.  We do neighborhoods where every home is different and each lot requires a different footprint or sloped lot.  

Like so many others who generously share their homes with the AD community, Rhonda & David shared photos and wrote the following after viewing the album dedicated to their home:

"We enjoyed pictures from other people while we were planning and building.  We hope our photo help inspire someone else."  Thank you Rhonda & David! 

As written to Senior Customer Success Specialist, Patrick Conklin, "Based on your consistent responsiveness, I will recommend architecturaldesigns.com to any friends looking to build." 

Our home building process started before this world wide health crisis came to light.  We are mindful of everything going on and observant of all necessary precautions.  Through it all, we continue to push forward with the building the home we've always dreamed of. We are happy to share our journey with you and others in hopes of inspiring other to continue to live and build their dream homes as well. 

Thanks Patrick! We have loved working with your company!  In our experience, your user interface and customer service is leaps and bounds above anything else we've found! 

We will definitely need to stay in touch and I can update you with progress and provide photos for an online client album since this build has not been done before by your clients. We really enjoyed reviewing all the different plans and certainly believe the online client albums were beneficial to us to help us visualize and watch different layouts come to life. So we would love to share with others because we felt the importance of it. 

I certainly appreciate your attentiveness and communication. It provided me with a better sense of trust towards purchasing these plans online. 

Highly recommend Architectural Designs. They have an extensive variety of plans to choose from and a staff that is friendly and knowledgeable. Shipping was extremely quick as well. It’s been a pleasure doing business.

Love your website. I have found it to be the most user friendly and extensive site of all the home design sites. We are still a few years away from our actual build so we are starting early. We want to be sure we get exactly what we want. Once we settle on the exact home we will definitely buy the plans from you. Appreciate your help.


The client photos section is my FAVORITE part of your website!!! In the year long process of building the house, I can't tell you how many hours I stared at each and every client photo trying to envision our home and make the best decisions on the interior!!! Without those photos, it would have been so much harder to plan our house build!!!

My husband and I came across Architectural Designs after the idea of building our first home became a reality.  It was so easy to navigate and choose the exact options we were looking for.  After deciding on a few different designs we both liked, and realizing we could actually see actual customer photos of the houses being built, we reached out with a few customization questions of our own.  Within a few hours we not only had a response, but we had an answer for everything we were looking for.  The customer service and response time was (and has been throughout) not only encouraging but also outstanding! We are so happy with our decision to build plan #51745HZ, and have recommended Architectural Designs to everyone we know interested in building! Thanks again!!

I would love to send you pictures.  We got a much clearer image of each room and the house overall by going through the albums and it's fun seeing other people's decorating ideas.  It is a great way for you guys to present the house plans and helped me to choose Architectural Designs over the other websites.  I had a tough time deciding which plan to purchase and what modifications were important to us.  The friendly and helpful attitude of both you (Kitty) and Patrick when I spoke to you on the phone or via email was so awesome!  You don't get that customer service much anymore so I was pleasantly surprised.

I have actually built 5 homes using your site. The other plans were purchased by my customers. I direct all my customers to your site because it is the best. The user friendliness is perfect!

Not only is the website full of beautiful and functional plans, their customer service is superb. After buying hard copies of our plans we came upon the need for them in a PDF format. Within hours of making our request the Architectural Designs folks solicited the architect who drew our plans on our behalf and secured us a complementary PDF file. Tremendous example of putting the needs of the customer first. Well done!

We are so excited to have this house plan :) We are building in Mississippi beginning in May 2019, and we are taking our time as we live in Kentucky and are our own subcontractor. We do plan to send you photos! You all are awesome and your home build photo albums are so helpful for imagining how a home will (or will not) fit for a family.

We found our floor-plan from Architectural Designs plans on Pinterest searches! The company’s website is so well organized and we loved the section of client albums. It gave us such a different feel for the home besides just looking at the floor-plan picture. It truly is what convinced us to purchase 51772HZ! We have received so many compliments on the layout of this home and owe it all to Architectural Designs! Their customer service is excellent! We spoke to Kitty along the way and she made the process feel as if we were right there in person working with her. Looking forward to building more homes down the road with this company’s beautiful floor-plans! Thank you all again!

I looked and looked at many different house plan websites for months because I just wanted to be sure and I always kept coming back to Architectural Designs. There were so many plans on their site I loved. I had it narrowed down to 2 or 3 and then one day a house plan popped up on my phone when I wasn’t even looking and of course it was from the Architectural Designs website. My husband and I immediately knew this was the one since we were looking to downsize from our current home. I highly recommend Architectural Designs for their ease of ordering and their customer service especially Kitty Connor who showed such an interest and was there every step of the way through the build. Thank you Architectural Designs for the house plan that is now our beautiful home!"

Thank you for all your support in helping us make changes to our dream home: 51784HZ. I couldn’t ask for better service. I will definitely suggest you and your team to anyone I come in contact with looking to build. Matt in Tennessee

Architectural Designs appeared to me on Google as I was in search for a house plan. I have looked at different sites and nothing seemed to be more easy to navigate through and clear with pictures as Architectural Designs Website. I have finally decided on a house plan and upon receiving the plan it wasn't the format I thought I purchased. I called and spoke with Kitty Connor and explained my concern. Within 5 minutes she had followed up with an email correcting the small glitch. I was really happy and could not expect better customer service. I definitely recommend Architectural Designs for anyone looking for a house plan.

One of the features that I enjoy most is the "Related Plans" that tells of a different plan with more or less features. Outstanding! I use it constantly when I see a house I like but want maybe something slightly different. No other site has this feature and it puts your site way ahead!

That’s one of the things I love about this site compared to others – you have a lot more photos of clients’ homes. It is particularly helpful for my husband who feels he can’t get a good sense for what a home will look like on the inside just based off of the plan. He really wanted to find a plan that had photos he could look at, so it’s great that this particular plan has been built a number of times and features lots of client albums.

You guys are great...our experience with your company has been stellar from the very beginning.

We modified Exclusive House Plan 51772HZ (turned the garage to the front and some other changes). Architectural Designs sent the plans to us quickly and was responsive and encouraging as we built it.

I am blown away by your customer service. Since we order our plans, everyone we have talked to through architectural designs has been nothing shy of GREAT! I will purchase right away. I cannot thank you enough for making this so easy. We are building Washington and would love to send you photos throughout the building process and of course the finished product. Being able to look at photos of real homes that were built was so helpful when choosing a plan for us, so I would love to give back and provide you guys with more testimonials and photos!

Thank you for beautiful plan, fantastic customer service and the added benefit of purchasing from a company that has a real vested interest in their product, hence why you have been successful for 40 years. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your business and I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to personal reply to my emails. Very impressive!

Being in the spec home building business, we’re in constant search of house plans. I came across Architectural Designs a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. They always have what I’m looking for and deliver plans via email super fast! We’re so fortunate a lot of our homes are sold before completion and we owe a huge part of that to AD! It’s my first stop every time when searching and I also refer a lot of clients for custom builds to their site as well. The people are great to work with and always quick to respond!

I simply wanted to say I LOVE your website. It is so well organized and easy to use. Let anyone know that is responible for this amazing website layout that they did a great job and they should be very proud of themselves. Also the house plans are superb compared to any other house plan websites.

I have looked on other house designs websites. Man, this website is superior to others. Because, the photos are visually appealing, easy to read plans, this website makes me want to visit the plans again and again. So many great designs, but hard to choose which one

Love your website and all the plans available. If you can’t find what you want with Architectural Designs, it probably doesn’t exist! It was so fun looking at all the plans and pictures of actual builds. When I finally found the one that had everything on my checklist, we were excited to get started. Customer service is awesome. We received our plans quickly and have been in touch a few times. Love how we were checked on during our build! You have a great team!

One reason we picked this plan was because of the showcase of pre-built homes. I believe this is what sets this Architectural Designs apart. Very user friendly, great plans, great customer service, and the profiles of this plan was an added bonus!

We absolutely love our home (51766HZ) and it was the perfect plan with some adjustments for our living style. We couldn’t be happier with the design. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the detailed instructions! It is really refreshing to know the reviews I read regarding your EXCELLENT customer service are accurate!

I am addicted to scrolling through all the Instagram accounts with your plans. I really haven't looked any other places for plans besides your site because I have enjoyed it so much!

Most of the plans I liked and made my choice from were pretty much all from your site in the end. So, really great collections and search features compared to other sites. Plus,you all are really quick to respond to my questions, so REALLY great customer service. That's a big deal for me. I'll definitely be recommending your site for others.

We spend endless hours viewing home plans from all sorts of sites online. Architectural Designs's site is one of the most user friendly for us and our clients. There is a great selection of plans, with a wide variety to choose from. Being able to see actual pictures helps our clients envision the home both inside and out. This is a great benefit vs. just seeing black and white floor plans.

Comments about ace Customer Service Associate, Patrick Conklin:

Thanks for being so responsive!  Your customer service is top notch and I'm certain that I made the right choice in purchasing my plans from you!  Thanks again for your help! 

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