Exclusive Cost-to-Build Report available on All Single-Family House Plans

Our QuikQuote cost-to-build reports provide the following benefits:

Cost Estimation: QuikQuotes provide an estimate of the cost to build a specific home in a specific location. This estimate considers the location, the home's complexity, and its features rather than relying on generic cost-per-square-foot data.

Customizable Reports: Unlike other cost estimation services, QuikQuotes come with access to the tool used to create them, giving you the ability to change settings to reflect changes you want to make to the home plan. You can then regenerate the report to learn how the change in settings will affect your cost to build.

Reliable Data: The reports are generated using tools provided by Verisk, an industry leader for estimating solutions and building cost data. Material and labor pricing information is updated monthly to ensure it reflects current market trends. Many of the nation's leading insurance companies use this valuable tool to determine home building costs.

Cost Savings: You can purchase bundles of three QuikQuotes at a discounted price (usually $44.95 each, a bundle of three is $124.95), which can help save money if comparing plans. If you buy a plan within six months from when a QuikQuote was purchased for that plan, we will credit the QuikQuote towards your plan purchase.

Fast and Convenient Delivery: Our QuikQuotes are delivered by email and are made for download through your account on our website within 1 to 2 business days.

Overall, the QuikQuote provides a reliable and accurate cost estimation for building a home and can help you make informed decisions about your future home construction project.